How the IFA programme works


There are two potential routes to completing the IFA programme:

  • Route A - study all the modules in the programme
  • Route B - study only the modules you need to add to your previously acquired learning and experience. 

More information about this process can be found under Recognition of prior learning

The modules can be studied in any order, although we do recommend that "Budgeting" and "Managing your research project" are studied close together. You do not have to study all the modules through this programme. If your own institution offers a course on project management, for example, it is your decision which you choose.

The IFA programme is not a passive experience. It is not the equivalent of buying a book on management that you just read and then move on to the next thing. We expect you to engage with the materials, find things out from within your organisation, explore how things might be done differently and reflect on the experience. We want you to be honest with yourself and about the challenges you face in the workplace.

When you are ready to complete the programme, you will undertake the Work-based activity (WBA) module. You will have access to the case study and to the related activities that comprise the WBA as soon as you register, so you will know what you are working towards. The Learning Advisors will review your submission and, if this is successfully completed, you will receive the International Funders’ Award. If your WBA is not successfully completed, you will have one further chance to submit. You will receive plenty of feedback from the Learning Advisors no matter what the outcome.

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