IFA-01 Budgeting

Study time commitment: seven to ten hours

Price: £59

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The learning outcomes for this module are to:

  • understand the terms used in budgeting
  • be able to interpret a grant/funding application
  • identify the budget constraints
  • be able to work within your budget.

The module is made up of three units.

Unit 1: Understanding budgeting

Within this unit you explore some of the key terminology used in budgeting and how it is interpreted in your organisation; what sources of help and support are available to you, and start to explore sources of funding for your areas of interest.

Unit 2: Planning your project budget

This unit breaks down the steps involved in constructing a research budget, starting from your experimental design and methodology through to how to justify a budget to a funder. Activities include finding out who knows how much elements within your research might cost.

Unit 3: Managing your project budget

Effective management of the budget as you conduct your research is the focus of this unit. You explore what all the stakeholders require in terms of reporting, look at the issues associated with your budget and how you might manage variances.