IFA-02 Communication and presentation skills

Study time commitment: seven to ten hours

Price: £59

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The learning outcomes for this module are to:

  • be able to explain why good communication and presentation skills are important
  • be able to analyse how communication influences relationships at work
  • develop your communication networks
  • communicate more effectively with different audiences
  • become a more confident and effective presenter and communicator
  • recognise the growing importance of social media for you as a scientist
  • describe your research clearly and concisely to non-specialists.

The module is made up of four units.

Unit 1: Understanding communication

This unit explores the barriers to communication and how miscommunication may occur. It explores the communication channels open to you and enables you to develop your communication network.

Unit 2: Improving communication

You will be introduced to a number of tools and techniques to help you to develop better listening and questioning techniques.

Unit 3: Better presentation skills

A unit focused on the presentation skills required to communicate your research, with tools and techniques to utilise when communicating complex information to all. You will also explore the impact of body language – both your own and that of the audience you are engaging with. Opportunities for peer feedback are also available.

Unit 4: Communicating science

This unit helps you explore how your own institution communicates and how it might be able to support you. It also looks at social media and some activities to develop your use of all the platforms available to you.