IFA-06 Managing and working in a team

Study time commitment: seven to ten hours

Price: £59

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The learning outcomes for this module are to:

  • understand the complexity and impact of team dynamics over time
  • understand what motivates people in teams
  • recognise how conflict and challenge can be positive forces for change in a team
  • be able to discuss what makes for effective communication in a team
  • recognise the importance of investment in team and individual development.

The module is made up of five units.

Unit 1: Understanding teams

This unit explores teams from different perspectives: how they evolve over time, what roles are needed within a team, and what might make a high-performing team.

Unit 2: Understanding motivation

What motivates you and the people within the team around you? This unit looks at different ways to explore what might motivate you and others and how this changes over time.

Unit 3: Conflict versus challenge in teams

This unit focuses on how to develop approaches to conflict and healthy challenges within a team.

Unit 4: Team communications

A distinct unit on communication within a team, rather than the individual communications addressed in our Communication and presentation skills module. How do you draw out the quieter members of the team to gain their contribution? How do you ensure an equal say for everyone?

Unit 5: Team investment

This unit will show you how to develop as a team member and how to develop a team of individuals.