IFA-07 Managing your research project

Study time commitment: seven to ten hours

Price: £59

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The learning outcomes for this module are to:

  • understand how to define a project
  • create terms of reference, the project plan itself and other supporting project documents
  • identify the risks associated with a project and to minimise them
  • understand project evaluation and subsequent actions.

The module is made up of three units.

Unit 1: Understanding your project

Use this unit to clearly define your project, its aims and objectives before you start. Explore who the stakeholders are and what they might need to know about your project as it progresses.

Unit 2: Planning the project

Work through the creation of a Project Plan to bring your project to life. Through this unit you will identify roles and responsibilities, milestones, tasks and key dependencies, thereby identifying the critical path for your project.

Unit 3: Implementation, control and completion

How do you keep track of your project, identify and address issues that arise? Some top tips are discussed on how to monitor your project, as well as how to close it and learn from the experience.