IFA-09 Recruiting the right person, the right way

Study time commitment: seven to ten hours

Price: £59

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The learning outcomes for this module are to:

  • understand the importance of a good recruitment and selection process
  • identify the costs associated with recruitment when it goes wrong
  • be able to plan and execute an effective recruitment and selection process, or your role within it
  • be able to plan and execute an effective induction programme, or your role within it.

The module is made up of three units.

Unit 1: Thinking about recruitment

This unit explores the importance of recruiting well and managing the process from the very early stages. You will also examine the job description and person specification to help you clarify what you are looking for in a candidate and how you are going to measure and test against these requirements.

Unit 2: Finding and attracting the best candidates

This unit focuses on how to find suitable candidates and attract them to your organisation. What role does social media play? Communication is vitally important at this early stage, so what do you say to potential candidates about working in your team that will maximise your chances of attracting the best candidates?

Unit 3: Selecting and appointing the best people

You need to ensure that you have a robust process for shortlisting, interviewing and other assessment methods. In this unit you will explore bias and assumptions that may creep into the selection process and how they can be avoided. When you have made a decision, what happens next? You will learn how to give good feedback to all applicants and how to plan the induction for the successful candidate.