IFA-10 Resilience

Study time commitment: three to four hours

Price: £59

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The learning outcomes for this module are to:

  • understand the relationship between work pressure, performance, morale and resilience
  • be able to utilise skills and techniques to develop resilience.

The module is made up of three units.

Unit 1: What is resilience and where does it come from?

Explore different perspectives on resilience and what it means to you from both a career and a personal perspective. How does change affect you and your resilience?

Unit 2: Developing your resilience

In this unit you will complete an online questionnaire to generate your own resilience report. You will also identify a range of resources you can use to develop your own resilience.

Unit 3: Reflecting on resilience

With the help of the Learning Advisors you will work through a structured process to reflect on your own resilience and what further development opportunities might be useful for you as you develop in your career.