IFA-11 Career development

Study time commitment: four to five hours

Price: £59

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The learning outcomes for this module are to:

  • reflect on your career thus far
  • recognise the skills you already have and those you are developing
  • understand your personal career preferences, influencers and barriers
  • identify the next steps in developing your career plan.

The module is made up of two units.

Unit 1: Career options

This unit uses a number of techniques to audit where you are now and how you have developed so far. You will look at what you do and don’t enjoy in your current role and throughout your career to date.

Unit 2: Career planning

Following on from your work on where you are now, what does this mean for the future? Where might your skills, preferences and knowledge take you? How far might you be able to plan a future career, and what development will maximise your chances of success?