What is the IFA content?


The overall learning outcomes for the programme are to:

  • enable you to perform more effectively as a team member and manager
  • increase your knowledge of and competencies in management skills, both in your research and with people
  • gain the core skills needed to make you a more productive team member, project manager and people manager
  • help you understand your individual management role and its context
  • develop confidence and effectiveness in the management role.

To achieve these learning outcomes, we have separated the content into the following modules:


This module provides a practical focus on the key knowledge and skills required to understand and manage a budget. Read more

Career development

Review your career to date and what skills you have developed to get you where you are now. Then turn your focus to the next 5-10 years; where do you want to be? Read more

Communication and presentation skills

Explore good communication and what gets in the way of communicating effectively. Read more

Cultural awareness

The ability to work effectively in a multicultural team is essential, whether you directly work with a diverse team, deal with international suppliers or have visiting project members/fellows to accommodate. Read more

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Despite considerable individual and collective good intentions and commitment to reducing known inequalities, pervasive stereotypes in society still affect all of us. Read more

Harassment and bullying awareness

Unacceptable behaviours can lead to lower morale and increased levels of absence and staff turnover which, in turn, can reduce productivity. Read more

Managing and working in a team

Working in teams is now commonplace. How to ensure that a team works well and performs to its potential is, unfortunately, not an exact science. Read more

Managing your research project

This is a concentrated overview of the key skills required to manage a project. It is focused on the harder skills – the project plan, identification of key activities, progress tracking – rather than the softer skills of influencing people or negotiating. Read more


Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool, where you can learn from each other. Read more

Recruiting the right person, the right way

This module will help you to consider and explore the most effective ideas and methods to attract and recruit the most suitable person to your team. Read more


You will already have a certain level of resilience as demonstrated by the way that you have been able to get to your current position. How do you develop it further? Read more


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