Who contributed?

Core project team:

Ted Smith, Director of People and Places, Wellcome

Natasha Gordon, Project Manager, Wellcome

Anusha Everson, Head of Continuous Improvement, Wellcome

Aidan Kiely, Project Office, Continuous Improvement, Wellcome

Lauren Couch, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Wellcome

Gemma Tracey, Diversity and Inclusion Programme Manager, Wellcome

Candy Hassall, Head of Researcher Affairs, Wellcome

David Bull, Director of Science, Duchenne

Jo Lambert, Project Director, The Open University

Jon-Paul Knight, Project Manager, The Open University (until August 2017)

Becky Devlin, Project Manager, The Open University (from August 2017)

Jane King, Author, The Open University

Dr Claire Samson, Author, The Open University

Dr Esther Schmid, Critical Reader

Professor Peter Taylor, Critical Reader

Simon Darnell, Editor, The Open University

Jennifer Nockles, Editor, The Open University

David Winter, Graphical Designer, The Open University

Mike Stock, Media Project Manager, The Open University

With advice and guidance from:

Researchers from the following institutions undertook the Pilot and provided feedback:

Cambridge University

Imperial College

Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)

Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit, Thailand

Medical Research Council, Cognitive and Brain Sciences Unit

Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam

St Andrews University

University College Cork

York University


Researcher Developers from the following institutions provided feedback:

Cambridge University

Glasgow University

Manchester University

Nottingham University

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