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The International Funders' Award is delivered wholly online. We have taken our established teaching model and created learning that is blended to meet the needs of researchers which means you can use the learning directly in your work, as you are learning it. 

We recognise that learning wholly online may be a new experience for you. Once you register, you will have access to a number of free learning resources to explore how you might get the best from this learning experience. We would encourage you to begin with these resources before taking any of the learning modules.

  • How do you like to learn? explores your preferences towards learning and mindsets, with activities to develop areas you may find more challenging.  We also provide practical tools and techniques to use in the online environment as opposed to learning in a face-to-face context. This free learning resource dovetails very closely with Time management.   
  • Time management looks at several perspectives that may affect your ability to manage your time while taking on the added responsibility for your learning on this programme. How will you fit everything in? This free learning resource asks questions like how you currently spend your time? What habits do you have? Do you procrastinate? We provide some tools and techniques for you to try out!
  • Management and leadership starts your journey in management. Relating to some of the theory used in How do you like to learn?, you will explore management styles, where you might be at the start of this learning journey, and how leadership differs from managment. 

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