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Your Learning Advisors

To ensure you are fully supported throughout your learning, we have recruited a team of Learning Advisors who will be on hand to speak/email/Skype with you whenever you need.

The Learning Advisors are specifically selected to have a blend of skills from a scientific, management and learning background and their role is to:

  • review the Recognition of prior learning submissions and provide both feedback and a recommendation of your personal learning journey
  • answer any questions you have throughout the learning
  • moderate and/or respond to questions in the module forums
  • review the Work-based activity submissions and provide feedback to you.

Online forums

Each learning module has an online forum. This is the place where you can meet with other people studying the modules. Sharing  your experiences with other people can really help your own learning and forums work best when they are a resource that a community of learners use to interact with one another. You can post questions, supply answers and observations, and discuss how the module materials link to your own context. However, people can start and finish each module at any time, so not everyone will necessarily be at the same stage in their learning as you. 


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